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К. Антарова. "Две жизни"
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Jeppson took to score 52 aspirations in 112 appearances associated with Napoli and he remains inside 11th place on your own club's all-time scoring listing.?The Swede was a well-known figure in southern France and also Napoli have requested approval to pay honor in order to him when they encounter Udinese in Serie A in Monday evening.
An argument on the club's standard website examine: "On part of SSC Napoli and all their members, us president Aurelio De Laurentiis expresses severe grief for the http://www.tvldm9.tv/fichiers/Pub43/cheapjersey36.aspx - dallas cowboys jerseys pictures death of Hans Jeppson, one of the better players in the club's history.?SSC Napoli have inquired (Serie A) for the arrangement to play Monday's match throughout Udine wearing black armbands and also to observe a minute's peaceful before the start to honor Jeppson."

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